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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 2, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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a snowy runway in the idaho rockies. tonight, weather has forced crews to call off the search for a missing plane, and its pilot, who's from here in the bay area. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. >> searchers home to resume their search first thing in the morning for a south bay hiker. air traffic controllers lost contact with the plane as the pilot was attempting to land at a remote mountain air strip near the small town of yellow pine, idaho. ken wayne has been talking with
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the pilot's neighbors and is live at the airport where that plane was based. >> reporter: that plane was here for at least the last eight years. tonight, the pilots friendses and family, no doubt have their fingers crossed that he and his four passengers are okay. this is the beach bow unanimous disci owned by pilot dale smith -- bonanza owned by pilot dale smith. smith toll air traffic controllers he was having engine troubles. today, national guard helicopters tried to search the area, but bad weather forced them backment this youtube video shows a landing there. the beach bonanza is a
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sophisticated single engine plane. neighbors in the santa theresa hills area, where smith lives didn't want to speak on camera, but were told he was a conscientious pilot, who was traveling with his adult son and others. his wife is not on the trip, and is reportedly in idaho to be close to the search. wild the wilderness can be unforgiving, there is hope that the plane was able to make a safe landing. the good news is the weather is expected to improve tomorrow, and as soon as the skies are clear, the helicopters will launch. ground teams will head out. we could knows a soon as midday tomorrow the fate of that aircraft and its passengers. live in san jose, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. happening now, live pictures outside, as temperatures fall across the bay area tonight, and a cold weather system takes aim at northern california. that cold front is going to bring freezing temperatures to some parts here in the bay area. >> chief meteorologist, bill
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martin is tracking the weather and watch that is already posted. >> it's going to get cold around here. today's temperatures were in the upper 60s, tomorrow's lows are going to be in the 50s. the arctic region is coming straight down like this. that system is going to spill, not rain, but lots of cool air into the inland bay valleys. starting tomorrow, we're going to see that freeze warning go into fact for the north bay. as we go into wednesday night, thursday morning, the rest of the bay area, or most of the rest of the bay area will be under some kind of freeze warning, or frost advisory. this is definitely going to be one of the cooler weather systems we've seen this season. i've got to talk about this weather system. this was a cold one. i'm going to talk about the coldest day of the week, and then we're going to talk about the warming time up. when things begin to warm up,
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and when that's going to show up in the five day. there are more shelter beds available for the homeless in the south bay. they started a cold weather shelter program this evening. the program offers an additional 125 beds in sunny value. 50 beds in an show day, and 100 beds in gilroy in the winter months. in all, there are about 1400 beds available during the winter. but there are some 7600 homeless people in santa clara county. >> there are still thousands of people who are homeless on the streets each night. there just aren't enough spaces. >> reporter: in addition to beds, the shelter also offered two hot meals to those in need. once a week, a medical van comes around to offer services. stay with the ktvu weather team, for the very latest weather conditions. now to a neighborhood in san jose, where more than 100 people turned out tonight to honor a 3-year-old boy who was hit and killed in a crosswalk.
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debra villalon is there tonight, and tells us how the community wants this tragedy to be a turning point. >> reporter: frank, there are pictures here of elijah alvitra. none in this crowd knew the little boy, but all know what happened to him. >> elijah is anyone's child. it could have happen today any family. >> reporter: people who live and work downtown feel their children are in peril. >> we don't have stoplights. we don't have stop signs either. so we see a lot of almost hits every single day. >> reporter: elijah was with relatives going with the walk signal. hit by a driver turning left onto the busy one way street. changing vine, and its parallel, almaden critics say would slow traffic down. >> we're moving 2014 to start
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this process. i wish it could happen tomorrow, it will instead take too long. >> we're talking about a child that passed away, because we've got a lot of speeders coming here. just look behind you. >> i was furious. i was not surprised. >> reporter: elijah's death deepens this mother's resolve, to deepen the traffic signal she fought for when they were young. >> out of tragedy, maybe we can get people to look again and say this is time. no other child's life should be lost. elijah's life should not have been lost. >> it's about coming as a community and asking what we want, and telling the city what we want. >> reporter: that's what this vigil was all about. telling the city to spend the millions to redo the street. >> i feel so bad, but i wish you luck in the future, and we are standing by you. >> reporter: elijah's family was visiting the neighborhood
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when he was killed. they live in salinas. that's where his funeral will be held tomorrow. reporting live in san jose, debra villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now. san jose police tell us, 24 pedestrians have been killed this year on streets in san jose. that compares to just 12 pedestrian fatalities in all of last year. the number of pedestrian deaths this year, also makes up nearly 2/3 of the total number of 39 traffic fatalities in san jose. we have new information tonight on the man who was hit and killed this morning on el camino royale in san mateo. officials say he was killed around 6:15 this morning on el camino royale. the two drivers involved in the accident are cooperating with authorities. police are investigating whether van dike had come from a nearby homeless encampment. a suspect the thief is
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facing charges tonight after police say they caught him stealing from the construction site of apple's new spaceship headquarters. glen cartwright from bell month was arrested saturday night. he's accused of stealing copper pipes from the future apple campus. k-9's forced him out of hiding. he has since posted bail. he is charged with burglary and possession of burglary tools. noel walker talked to one of the teenagers in a video who said she was involved because enough is enough. >> people who are different. i just feel like they should stand up for themselves. >> reporter: the spotlight is a little uncomfortable for jewel gutierrez, but the transgender
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teen has been through worse. gutierrez was the unintended star of a fight last month that ended up on youtube. the brawl was sparked by the teen's gender identification. >> i just feel like enough is enough. you could stretch a rubber band so far, and it would just snap. >> reporter: tonight, gutierrez went to a special school board meeting, sparked in part by that fight. >> there's no administration to support the sexual harassment policy, and that's a big deal. >> reporter: the board needs to lead by example to stop bad behavior. he points to the gang rape of a young girl four years ago, during a homecoming dance at richmond high as an example of bullying taken to a whole other level. a felony crime that cost young men their freedom, a girl, her innocence and the school district millions of dollars. the goal is to reach kids
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early. >> bullying is a bigger problem on the playground. >> reporter: in addition to learning, reading, and writing, the district is teaching kids the most important lesson. how to be adults. in richmond, noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. a gender teen who was set on fire last month reached another milestone today. sasha fleischman went back to school for the first time today since being attacked. sasha is still wearing bandages recovering from burns. the family says they've seen an outpouring of support, and today, classmates welcomed the teen back. >> i was really surprised that someone would do something like that. but i'm really glad that people have been so supportive of them. >> police say richard thomas, a student at oakland high school admitted to setting sasha's skirt on fire.
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thomas has been charged with a hate crime. a rare cancer that killed three bay area firefighters from the same station. why this could be more than just a coincidence. >> then grieving over a son who was a shot dead over a playstation. from potential buyers to thieves. the calculated efforts to steal a luxury suv right out of this dealer lot. [ male announcer ] december is
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customer appreciation month at subway. we're saying thanks with two of your favorite six inch subs. the six-inch cold cut combo, or the six-inch meatball marinara, built fresh from the bread up for just $2 each all december long. subway. eat fresh. new at 10:00, it's a first
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for an auto dealer in the east bay, and not the kind of first he wanted. a thief posing as a potential buyer drove off the lot in an suv. she spoke to the car salesman who saw it happen in front of him. >> reporter: that salesman thought he had a serious buyer for the high end range rover that was parked in this spot, which as you can see tonight is empty. that's because what he had was a calculated thief. mercedes, outsidey, bmw, the lot of luxury cars with fancy features, caught a criminal's fancy. >> sometimes you have a feeling that something is wrong, but you don't believe it. >> reporter: he wishes he would have trusted his gut when two men walked onto the lot of empire auto yesterday afternoon. >> -- he says the men tried to
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distract him, asking to look at other vehicles while the suv was running, and one of the men was on his cell phone. >> somebody was telling him if the street was clear or not. >> reporter: soon after, one of the suspects walked off the lot, and that's when the interested buyer, shoved him, jumped into the car seat and took off. >> kind of went like this, and went behind this car. >> reporter: no gun was ever seen. just the back of the suv as it headed north on mission boulevard. >> i actually tried to go after them. i tried to chase them and i said it's not safe. >> reporter: he still can't believe the $17,000 gray range rover was stolen right in front of his eyes. >> i was actually shock. i was shocked. it's happened, i couldn't believe it, but it did. >> that's pretty gutsy. >> oh, yeah, it was. >> reporter: here's another look at the stolen range rover.
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they're hoping that it turns up, and that it turns up in one piece. heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. an argument at a check cashing store in san francisco turned into a shooting today that left one man staggering from the scene. police say the victim was shot three or four times and ran about a block before he collapsed right in front of the san francisco a.i.d.s. foundation on market street. the incident happened about 1:30 this afternoon. police detained one person, but it's unclear if he's a suspect. there's been no word of an arrest. the victim was taken to san francisco general. san francisco police made an arrest today in connection with a killing of a young man, he was trying to sell a playstation consol. allie rasmus spoke with the victim's father about his devastating loss. >> a silent prosession of friends and family members came to daly city today. >> i love him to death.
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he was simply a nice boy. >> reporter: uwakah's father says his son is an economics student in l.a. >> he was here for thanksgiving. >> reporter: uwakah posted an ad to sell a playstation 4 on instagram. a potential buyer offering to pay in cash responded, and they agreed to meet to make the exchange. uwakah's father says he didn't know about his plans. >> he does that all the time. he does buy things like electronics. >> reporter: police say before uwakah and his girlfriend got out of the car, someone walked up, stole the playstation, and then shot uwakah. they flagged down police. that's where anambulance picked up uwakah to rush him to the hospital, but the young man died a short time later at san francisco general. san francisco police announced an arrest in the case. they arrested 21-year-old ronnie collins of san francisco
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for attempted robbery and murder. in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu, channel 2 news. instagram was originally set up to share photos, but like so many social media sites, it's become a marketplace. those interested in buying, usually complete the sale offline, or in person. police say if you intend to sell, or buy an item online, it is always good practice to set up that exchange meeting at a police station. this cyber monday is on its way to being the biggest online shopping day in history according to an online tracking company. as of 6:00 tonight, online sales were up 19% compared to last year. before the day is out, online sales could hit $2 billion. amazon sales today were up 44% over last year. sales on e bay were up 32%. this comes as retail stores are dealing with their first decline in sales on black
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friday since 2008. wall street responded to lackluster reports on retail sales with a late day sell off. the dow slipped 77 points, and closed just 8 points above the 16,000 mark. nasdaq lost 14 points. and the s & p 500 dropped almost 5 points. apple is trying to become more social, with a san francisco company called topsy. it specializes in twitter. the wall street journal reports the deal is worth $200 million. no comment yet from apple on what it plans to do with topsy. some analysts say it could provide realtime information for siri, or itunes radio. the stock closed about 5 points lower today at $551 a share. only on 2 tonight, a new ktvu field poll shows president obama's approval rating in california continues to slip. the poll found 51% of those surveyed approved of the job president obama is doing in the
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white house. but 43% disapprove. and that number is up 8 points since july. it also shows 33% say the country is headed in the right direction. but 55% say we're headed in the wrong direction. a midnight wedding in hawaii for 6 same sex couples. the state legislature voted last month to legalize same-sex marriage there. the law took effect today. the state's marijuana laws allow couples to register for a lightning and be married on the same day. hawaii is the 16th state to allow same-sex marriages. it's going to be cool out there tonight, but not as cold as it will be coming up. the clouds are going to stay for the most part above
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freezing. when the clouds clear tomorrow, things really do change around. here comes the cold front. at midnight, you see maybe a little drizzle or something along the coast. maybe a few sprinkles. here comes the front, it sort of passes through. that's tomorrow morning at about 7:00 a.m. as we go through the day, it clears out. those clear skies tomorrow afternoon are going to make way for a very, very cold night tomorrow night and then again on wednesday. so tomorrow, cooler during the day, and much colder tomorrow night. when i come back, i'll get specific with which cities will be the coldest in the five-day forecast, when things will begin to warm up again. we'll see you back here. our congratulations tonight to jose alcantar from san jose. today, he won a $500 target gift card after liking us on facebook. ktvu will be giving away two gift cards every week until christmas. to enter, just go to the ktvu channel 2 facebook page. a new candidate for the job of oakland mayor, plus. >> he put everybody else before
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him. >> at 10:30, an emotional goodbye for a fallen firefighter. what we're learning about a cluster of cancer cases at the same fire station. >> up first, new information about that deadly train crash in new york and just how fast it was going.
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federal investigator says the metro north train that derailed in the bronx was going twice as fast as it should have been through a slow curve. the train was traveling at approximately 82 miles an hour as it went into a 30 mile-an- hour zone. >> when i heard about the speed, i gulped. it sort of takes your breath away. >> investigators say it remains unclear if the excessive speed was the result of human error,
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or faulty equipment. today, the ntsb began interviewing the engineer who was operating the train. they say that interview will continue over the next couple of days. there is speculation tonight that the crash that killed actor paul walker may have been caused by a mechanical failure. walker was riding in a $450,000 porsche carrera gt. tmz is reporting that the car was leaking steering fluid, and that may have explained how the driver lost control. authorities say speed may have opinion a factor and the street where it happened is a well known area for street racing. walker starred in the fast and furious movies. both he and the driver of the car were killed. oakland police were asking for the public's help in finding a car stolen at gunpoint. investigators say the vehicle was taken yesterday by a man with a gun at the intersection of 24th and valdez streets. since then, officers say the car has been used in at least
10:25 pm
two armed robberies in the north oakland, and diamond neighborhoods. police say that vehicle they're look forgot a is a tan, 2005 volvo. authorities warn, if you spot that car, call police right away. the california license plate on the volvo reads 5mdf073. the people inside that vehicle should be considered armed and dangerous. libby shaft filed papers to run for mayor of oakland. she says her top priorities will be reducing police response times and creating job opportunities. she served as an aid to former mayor jerry brown. mayor jean quan is expected to run for reelection. candidates also include brian parker and college professor joe tuman. still ahead tonight, a deadly shark attack off maui plus -- >> pretty dangerous as it is,
10:26 pm
and having that information compounds it. >> a mystery at sea. with a we've learned about buoys that provide critical information to mariners, but are not working. >> a crowd mourns a fallen firefighter tonight. some question why he and four others from the same fire station have come down with the same form of rare cancer. >> you can get ktvu news to go. download the app and you can watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device. we all have our little tricks.
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'sup girl. mom never questioned bobby again. two can play at this game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. san francisco firefighters are mourn one of their own tonight. doctors at ucsf say there are others at his first starings who also -- fire station who
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also had the same, rare disease. the family's concern that this is more than just a coincidence. >> reporter: frank, i have to tell you this church behind me was packed tonight with people remembering daniel artema. they say his death may very well have been due to his exposure to chemicals during decades of service. in the midst of grief were hugs and smiles as people remembered daniel armenta. a retired san francisco fire captain who served more than 30 years, volunteered at ground zero at 9/11 and touched countless lives along the way. >> he put everybody else ahead of him. >> reporter: friends say he barely had time to enjoy his retirement, just two years before passing away from cancer on saturday. >> his battle over the last six months was very difficult. he really didn't catch a break. he just handled it with courage
10:30 pm
and a smile. and just selfless. >> reporter: a station that have had five firefighters all diagnosed with the same type of rare cancer. the foundation president says the high rate of cancer might be due to greater exposure to chemicals and structure fires. station one is one of the busiest firehouses in the united states, with more than 10,000 calls just last year. >> there was a recent study looking at san francisco, philadelphia and chicago, and they found there was an increased instance of cancer among firefighters. i think if that's the case we need to take preventive measures to protect those who
10:31 pm
protect us. >> in the courageous way he handled his passing, he taught others a lesson in how to live. his funeral is scheduled for tomorrow here at 11:00 a.m. reporting live in millbrae, jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. members of also mourning the loss of nevel gettens passed away over the weekend. the california based tesla is getting a clean bill of health from germany. they had opened a probe into the model s. tesla says it received a letter from officials who found no manufacturing defects. a third fire happened after a crash in mexico. a u.s. investigation is still underway. after being convict the of obstruction of justice two
10:32 pm
years ago, barry bonds was paid more than $4,000 in fines. bonds paid a $4,100 pennal in october. the seven time national league mvp was convicted -- captain john coata sued the u.s. coast guard after refused to renew the license, but today, a judge tossed out the lawsuit. coata served a 10 month prison sentence for the 2007 costco busant disaster, which caused more than 53,000 gallons of bunker fuel to spill into the san francisco bay. officials say he was traveling too fast for the fog and he was
10:33 pm
impaired by prescription drugs. he no longer has a pilots license. a mariner's license would have allowed him to work as a captain or first mate. as ktvu's rob roth reports now, broken instruments are making it harder for them to get critical information. >> bill makes his living fishing fishing for tuna and crabs at half moon bay. >> it's pretty dangerous as it is, and not having that information just compounds it. >> the information he's talk being is supposed to come from this buoy 12 miles offshore. it stopped working last may, and it's one of three buoys in northern california waters that are currently out of service.
10:34 pm
web says he's already been caught off guard because he was unaware high winds were coming. >> the forecast was worse actually. we took a pounding coming in. >> reporter: the broken buoys aren't just troublesome for boaters and fishermen, they can always intersect a competition at mavericks. eric nelson says the buoys help signal to organizers what kind of waves are coming. >> will it be big enough to have a competition? >> reporter: broken buoys are not hard enough, but leaving them that way is. our phone calls went unanswered today. but the harbor master says noaa officials told them they plan to replace the buoys with newer models, but wouldn't tell them when. >> they have no approval
10:35 pm
process as far as we can tell. >> reporter: fishermen say they will rely on weather forecasts and their own instincts and hope everyone comes back safely. in half moon bay, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. shutting down after 26 years. >> i had no choice. >> yes, it wasn't my choice. >> the major project forcing some bay area businesses to close their doors. >> the timing on freezing weather, where you live. >> next, searching for two people days after they disappeared on a fishing trip. >> at this point, we still don't know what happened to my parents. >> the clues that investigators discovered inside their boat. ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars.
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a man fishing from a kayak died today after he was bitten
10:38 pm
by a shark off the coast of maui in hawaii. a friend says 57-year-old patrick briny of stevenson, washington, was dangling his foot off the side of the kayak. the shark bit briny's leg. witnesses say his foot was gone, and his leg was badly injured. his friend tied a tourniquet and asked the ship to bring him to help. however, briny died after reaching the shore. this is the eighth shark attack off maui this year. late night train delays caused by that work. crews began the overnight installation of heavy steel reinforcement plates back in march. to make the jobs safe, trains were single tracked around the work crews. that typically caused delays of about 15 to 20 minutes. other faces of the retrofit project, include upgrades to 34 stations and 22 miles of
10:39 pm
elevated track, support columns, and parking structures. sfo is putting the finishing touches on a boarding terminal. boarding area e used to be small and cramped with low ceilings. designers added more seating, high-tech lighting, a children's play area, and larger windows for better views. >> fantastic views at the end of the concourse. probably the closest that you'll get out onto the air field. >> reporter: boarding area e is set to reopen january 28 of next year and will house ten gates for united airlines. still no sign of a couple who vanished during a thanksgiving fishing trip. ken pritchett talked with family members today as the search effort intensified in the delta. >> reporter: an empty boat trailer has sat for days, marks the northern end of the search.
10:40 pm
the southern end is several miles away through a maze of water ways that make up the delta where this fishing boat was found thanksgiving day, unoccupied. slowly circling with its motor on. van chanpenxi and his wife chantra were gone. >> his father was an excellent swimmer, his mother was not. >> either drowned, or kidnapped, we don't know. >> reporter: it is a family that has not given up hope and today the search effort continued with volunteers walking the bank, and cadaver dogs on boats. >> the water temperature is 54 degrees. it's very difficult for people to survive in a water temperature that cold. >> reporter: investigators say
10:41 pm
they have no reason to suspect foul play, and say inside the boat were freshly caught fish and enough life jackets to suggest none were being worn at the time. today, investigators searched the couple's pickup truck, their boat, and their sacramento home. if they did drown as some fear, searchers say it could be a week or more before a body would surface, given the cold nature of the water. ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. freezing temperatures on the way at 10:45 our chief meteorologist will pinpoint exactly what to expect and when. >> but up first, closing the doors. why shops at a popular east bay mall are making plans to close during the most popular shopping time of the year. if i can impart one lesson to a
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this is what membership is. this is what membership does. at least one small business in walnut creek is closing its doors at the height of the holiday shopping season.
10:44 pm
the owner says he feels forced out by a major renovation of the broadway plaza shopping center. >> reporter: it's a make or break time of year for retailers. but some business owners at broadway plaza in walnut creek say their fate has already been decided. >> it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: shutting down yogurt park in walnut creek after 26 years. >> we built all of this. >> reporter: he served his last cup of yogurt over the weekend. all that's left, a note for unsuspecting customers. >> you're being forced out, underlined. >> i tried to make it subtle, i had no choice. >> reporter: told they'd have to move out by the end of january. all of these buildings coming down as part of a massive two year renovation project. >> they're 50, 60 years old. so it is really time for a renovation. to bring them in to kind of modern retail standards. >> reporter: the city says the makeover will add 300,000
10:45 pm
square feet of retail space. >> so sad. i came here specifically to come and get some frozen yogurt. >> reporter: for now, he will continue to do business at his other location in berkely, but with few vacancies in downtown walnut creek, relocating outside of this shopping center may not be an option. >> they promised me i can come back in two years. >> do you think you'll come back? >> two years is a long way. i hope to. >> reporter: the city says this construction project will affect all of the stores from nordstroms down to macy's. the city council could give final approval for renovations this week. fast food workers are planning strikes at 100 cities on thursday. their goal is to draw attention to just how hard it is to live on the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. protesters are pushing for $15
10:46 pm
an hour. even though they're not expecting that big of a raise in the future. it's unclear if strikes are planned at bay area restaurants. employers with no more than 50 full time workers are eligible for the program. they're not required to enroll, and can instead, advise and charge for the california site for individuals and families. by signing up, some businesses could qualify for tax credits. state officials say the marketplace offers employers and their employees more options when it comes to health coverage. pg and e's top executive tried to reassure a pipeline is safe. it was turned back on today, but at a reduced pressure. a federal judge ordered it shut down last month. the ceo appeared at a meeting of the california public
10:47 pm
utilities commission today and said the aging pipe has been fixed. the cdc could decide to sue the facility for as much as $15 million. concerns surfaced about the pipeline after an internal pg and e email was made public. that refers to the pipe line explosion three years agatha killed eight people and leveled an entire neighborhood. the cdc's decision on whether to fine pg and e is expected on december 19. operation santa begins tomorrow. the usps is looking for volunteers to help answer some of those letters to santa. volunteers will sift through the letters, and members of the general public can adopt one of them, and help make a christmas wish come true. the yearly monarch
10:48 pm
migration is underway. today, the eucalyptus trees in one neighborhood were heavy with the butterflies. we have more on the butterflies in pacific grove on the weather was perfect today. we had plenty of sunshine. look at the temperatures that we got. these were the official weather highs today. 68 in livermore. 67 in morgan hill. high temperatures tomorrow are going to come down a solid ten degrees from these. 56 in santa rosa. it's going to be chilly tonight, but not as cold as it's going to get. here comes that weather system i've been talking about. it's coming straight down from the north. it doesn't have a lot of moisture. we're not forecasting really any rain. there might be a little bit of
10:49 pm
wet activity. maybe some drizzle or sprinkles. in the mountains, they'll get snow. the winds are still blowing at fairfield. west at 25. that keeps the temperatures above freezing tonight. the mountains after midnight tonight, a winter weather advisory will go into effect. the snow levels are going to get down to about 3,000 feet as we go through the day tomorrow. it would be nice if they got it to a foot of snow. increasing clouds tonight turned out to be a really, a pretty nice day. but as we go through the evening hours, the clouds are coming back in. we had fog in this area this morning. we had dense fog on the bay this morning. tomorrow is going to be about high clouds. this cool air does have clouds associated with it it. a slight chance of a sprinkle, but no biggy. that thing slides through, and temperatures drop off. by wednesday and thursday, daytime highs just in the 50s, and even upper 40s for daytime highs, so it's going to be
10:50 pm
chilly. the computer model does this. here we are tomorrow morning. you see the front passes through. lake tahoe is getting its snow. we're clearing out. it's setting us up for very cold night. tonight and again on wednesday. it's going to be very cold overnight lows, wednesday morning and thursday morning. thursday morning should be the coldest morning of the period. we could even see some record lows. the five-day forecast. cold mornings right here and right here. saturday, sunday, and monday, still cool, but no major rain to speak of. the five-day forecast is a dry one, but it's going to feel like winter. especially the overnight lows. we're going to see mid-20s in some of the coldest spots. maybe some record lows. a pretty nice run. >> thanks bill. i want to let you know that ktvu is proud to be teaming up with the red cross to help the
10:51 pm
victims of typhoon haiyan in the philippines. ktvu will match every dollar you donate, up to $40,000. all of the money will go to the red cross. if you'd like to help just go to and look for the information there on our home page. the golden state warriors hosted a special holiday party in the make a wish program. the court at oracle arena was transformed into a children's theme park for kids with life- threatening medical conditions. tonight's event was a chance for the kids to try to forget their troubles for a while, and just have fun. >> just to be able to touch someone's life, and be able to make their day. you never know how far that will go. it's always a blessing to be able to do that. >> this is the third year of this great event. >> all right joe's here now with sports. all 49er fans tonight pulling for the saints. but man did seattle make a
10:52 pm
statement. >> the seattle seahawks are the top team in the nfl this year. a good match up on paper, but a blowout in reality. the seahawks relentless with their pressure on drew brees. cliff knocks the ball loose. it ends up in the arms of michael bennett. just like that, the seahawks in front 10-0. it got much worse for the saints. on seattle's next series, zach miller running free. miller is finally run down at the 4. he was later on the receiving end of a 2-yard score that gave the seahawks a 17-0 lead. the saints got onboard. it was wilson again finding an open receiver, this time, doug baldwin. they win 34-7. 11-1, clinching a play offspot in the process. the 49ers see seattle at home
10:53 pm
on sunday. for san francisco, it's about making the playoff field as well. yesterday's win over the rams. the safety suffered a strained ligament. he is expected to miss at least two games. and the college football coaching shuffle has gun. steve sarkisian has left washington to take the top job at usc. both teams will be playing bowl games with interim coaches. the oakland a's do a little early christmas shopping when it comes to their pitching staff. oakland gets a starter, and a closer. we'll tell you about it when we come back.
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the oakland a's have been busy today, bolstering their pitching staff. word they have acquired jim johnson from the orioles. he saved a major league leading 101 games the last two seasons. the a's give up jamaal weeks and a player to be named. earlier, they came to an agreement with scott kazmir. he replaces bartolo colon in
10:57 pm
the starting rotation. the cal bears back on the mainland after three games at the maui invitational. the tallest player in the nation, uc irvine. 7'6", part of the challenge tonight. he scored just 4 points and fouled out. tyrone wallace goes behind the back. he led the bears with 19. bird strong to the hoop for 2 of his 14. the bears roll, 73-56, improving their record to 6-2. 7'6". >> wow. so niners/seahawks at candlestick next sunday. >> that's just a statement game, pretty much, because they could very well be seeing each other again. >> thank you for choosing ktvu, channel 2 news. >> right now, we're just getting word that san francisco police are looking for a teenager who escaped from the city's juvenile justice center.
10:58 pm
we'll have more on that beginning at 4:30. you can follow us anytime at, facebook, and twitter, an all the ktvu apps. good night. >> good night. [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay? uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay!
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[uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah?
11:00 pm
pancakes smell great. what are you doing with those? luke and i are doing a recycling drive. if we collect enough bottles, they build a school in africa. luke: wouldn't that be so cool to go to a school made out of bottles? that would certainly be a special school. did you hear what i said, parents -- "special school"? okay. nobody make a big deal about it, but i just broke up with dylan. no! oh, my gosh. are you okay, honey? yeah, i'm fine. i just -- i need to date someone who has a clue, instead of an idiot who bangs his head every time he rides his bike out of his garage. every time. i'm sorry, honey. i'm sorry for both of you. i'll have to text him later. mm. i got to jump in the shower. i'm gonna be late. where are you going? i'm going to meet my friend valerie.


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